Modeling Career 


 There is an air of glamour and hype that has always surrounded the modelling career; however, it is hard work. It can sometimes be boring and it will sometimes be lots of fun. But to start a career in modeling will always be very hard and pressurised work. Aspiring models should prepare for many ups and downs as well as constant rejection and harsh criticism. Modelling is more of a lifestyle than a 9 to 5 job. Not all jobs pay well and they are often few and far between. But unless a model is committed to a career in modelling and willing to work long hours, live a healthy life style, and have a positive attitude, they will not succeed as a model. 

There is no shortcut or easy path to a modelling career. But there are many steps you can take that will help you get where you want to be. All models need a modelling portfolio with a selection of professional photographs in different settings and of different styles, so the client can see your versatility and range as a model. Even if a model has an exceptional portfolio, they will not always be what the clients are looking for. Keeping an upbeat and positive attitude is essential to become a model, as well as learning not to take rejection personally.


In addition, on the road to a career in modeling, you will need to produce a comp card. This serves as a sort of business card for a model and what your modelling agency will use to market you.

In most cases, a comp card is the one and only chance to make a good first impression. A comp card should contain a model’s absolute best shots and, like a full portfolio, should show the model’s ability to be versatile with their looks and styles.  

A vast majority of young people looking for to become models will join an agency. Each model is represented by an agent who books them for jobs. The most common way of joining an agency is to go to their offices and ask for an interview. Most agencies are inundated with requests so be prepared to be turned away. If they are interested, however, they will take face and body shots so it is advisable to have a fresh face and clothes that best show off your form. However, it is extremely important to research any modelling agency that you approach to ensure that they are a reputable company. Many agencies operating today are scam companies that pressurise unaware models into signing long term contracts and paying unnecessary joining fees. A genuine modelling agency will only makes money off commission from jobs they find for a model.  

No agency or modelling school should promise a model a successful modelling career. Breaking into such a competitive business takes commitment and exceptional work ethic. 

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Modeling Career